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Musasino have been developing and producing marine use equipments for over 50 years and are specialist in marine tank level gauging. Musasino has been driven to supply the high quality and reliable level gauging equipment that meets stringent demands of the maritime industry since their foundation in Tokyo.

Each of Musasino products are developed and tested by in-house research and development team and put through rigorous testing. This back ground of innovation and development allows Musasino’s technical team to work closely with ship owners, operators and builders in designing products and systems tailored to each ship and to the needs of customers it will serve. By the help of their customer oriented service mentality, Musasino has supplied Tank Management Systems to over 3500 vessels worldwide.
With offices and dedicated service and sales representatives worldwide, Musasino is excited to serve an increasingly global client base.


From level gauging equipment, through the network architecture and operating software, Musasino has developed and refined streamlined solutions for a wide variety of applications.

  • Chemical, Product & Oil Tankers
  • LPG Carriers
  • Dry Bulk Carriers
  • Container Ships


Operator Interface and Software
  • Cargo Operations planning
  • Tank Monitor
  • Network Management System
  • Integration of 3rd Party Software and Displays
  • 19” LCD Operator Interface


  Level Gauges and Alarms
  • Level Echo Ace : Radar Type Level Gauge for Cargo Tanks
  • Level Master Ace : Float Type Level Gauge for Cargo and Other Tanks
  • Level Aeran 2 : Air-Purge Type Level Gauge for Ballast Tanks and Draft Gauges
  • Level Switch Ace : Float Type H/HH Alarm for Cargo Tanks
  • Level Watch 2 : Ultrasonic Type H/HH Alarm for Cargo Tanks
  • Level Watch III : Ultrasonic Type Water Ingress Alarm for Dry Cargo Holds
  • Level Cera : Hydrostatic Pressure Type Level Gauge for Ballast and Other Tanks
  • Float Switch : Horizontal Float Type Level Switch for Other Tanks
  • Local Digital Indicator Ace


Portable Level Detector

  • Level Porta Air-Purge Type Portable Level Detector for Ballast Tanks
  • Level Cera Portable : Hydrostatic Pressure Type Level Gauge for Bunker and Ballast Tanks