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Industrigatan 39
SE-212 28 Malmo
TEL : +46 (0)31 96 59 00
FAX : +46 (0)31 96 59 69
Email : info@polarmarine.se
Web : www.polarmarine.se



POLARMARINE is the most preferred tank cleaning equipment manufacturer in the marine sector using the latest technologies in order to develop products that are robust, with few moving parts, with a minimum of maintenance requirements and with low life-cycle costs. POLAR JET® series of tank cleaning machines have been developed to fulfill the tough requirements of customers as well as the requirements of legal authorities.

POLAR JET® programmable multi nozzle tank cleaning units are specially designed for cleaning the difficult to clean areas in slop tanks, wing tanks and under stringer platforms e.g. as in conventional tankers. POLAR JET ® tank cleaning units are flange mounted in the tank top or deck. Movement of the nozzle is fully controlled by integrated turbine driven control units, via a central turning and lifting rod in the cleaning unit. The nozzle movement simply is a rotation in the horizontal plane, combined with a very slow vertical movement, cleaning the tank applying helical patterns.

POLARMARINE has production facilities in Sweden and in the Philippines. The products are always delivered with relevant and updated documentation such as instruction and service manuals and upon request, shadow diagrams and crude-oil washing manuals. The low number of moving parts, means that tank cleaning equipments are extremely easy to service and require a minimum of maintenance and a minimum of spare parts.


Application         Fixed Tank Cleaning Machines        
Chemical tankers PJ15CP, PJ20, PJ25, PJ30CP
Product tankers PJ15CP, PJ20, PJ25, PJ30CP, PJ50, PJ120T
Crude oil tankers PJ15CP, PJ20, PJ30CP, PJ50, PJ120T
Bulk and OBO Carriers PJ120T and PJ30CP. Retractable or swingable design
Off-shore Please contact us for range of products
Industrial Please contact us for range of products