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N-4400 Flekkefjord
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Aeron AS

AERON is a total contractor of marine and industrial Heating, Ventilation and Air- Conditioning - HVAC systems. Aeron’s headquarter is located in the Norwegian costal city of Flekkefjord and it was founded by Mr. Arvid Holmen as Miljø-Teknikk in 1979.


With Aeron’s extensive experience, it has developed a large range of high quality products that are specially designed for shipboard environments. In our ongoing product development, Aeron puts high emphasis on increased functionality, and noise reduction in every part of their systems.


What make Aeron special about HVACs is “High Velocity” systems. These systems eliminate the big size, noise and vibration on the ships. The products of Aeron:

  • Single channel pipe systems and back heating units
  • Double channel pipe systems
  • Low pressure systems
  • Deicers for bridge windows
  • Cabin air condition
  • Galley ventilation
  • Engine room ventilation, engine room "high speed" systems
  • Cargo rooms, pump rooms ventilation
  • Car decks, fore propeller divisions ventilation
  • All kinds of HVAC systems


Aeron marine air handling units are designed to satisfy HVAC requirements for all accommodation spaces onboard ships. It offers a flexible range of units, the units are made up of modules that enable us to deliver solutions tailor made to each vessel and ventilation room.
With years of experience with HVAC systems, Aeron can offer a number of different solutions for automation and control of our air treatment plants. It delivers all necessary control panels, starters, frequency converter systems, valves, motors, sensors and other accessories of AERON HVAC systems.

Other Products:

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