Company History

Senak Marine is established in 1993 and started being the Turkey agencies of the foreign companies. Since that time Senak deals out with design, commissioning, service after sale and spare parts organizations of the products.

In the near future the companies that Senak works with and Senak plan to start production in Turkey and aim growing of the company with exporting.

Senak supplies high quality and cheap spare parts of all kinds of main and auxiliary engines, separators, pumps and compressors for our marine trade fleet with its spare parts department.

We can list the names and the products of the famous and reliable European companies of which Senak is the Turkey agency as follows:

Companies that Senak works with:


  • AERON – AS – NORWAY: Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems
  • ENWA – SWEDEN : Water Maker (Reverse Osmosis), Side Stream Filtration and Water Treatment Systems (Enwamatic), Enwa Bin-X
  • GUASCOR- DRESSER RAND – SPAIN: Diesel Engines from 250 BHP to 1729 BHP, Generators, Complete Propulsion Systems
  • HEADWAY – CHINA : Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • JOWA USA – USA : Cargo, Ballast, Service Tank Metering Systems, Metritape
  • MARINE DIESEL –SWEDEN : Marine Motors (Diesel - Gas)
  • MICRO SEPARATOR – NETHERLANDS : Centrifugal Engine Oil Cleaners for All Types of Diesel and Gasoline Engines
  • MUSASINO – JAPAN: Tank Management Systems
  • POLARMARINE – SWEDEN : Fixed and Portable Tank Cleaning Machines
  • SANDFIRDEN – NETHERLANDS : Marine Diesel and Marine Gas Generator Sets and Engines With Their Spareparts
  • SERVOGEAR – NORWAY: Controllable Pitch Propeller Systems For Fast Vessels
  • TNF INEXA – SWEDEN: Heat and Sounproofed Partitions, Panels for Walls, Ceilings and Floors, Doors , Windows and Window Boxes, Partitions for Wet Units
  • TTS MARINE – NORWAY : Hatch Covers, Cargo and Service Cranes, Ro-Ro Equipment, Yacht Equipment etc.


Our services

We provide service for whole our product ranges.

Spare Parts

We provide spare parts for whole our product ranges.


We sell the products of reliable and qualified brands in our portfolio.