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Micro Separator – Centrifugal Engine Oil Cleaners

Cleaner lubrication oil in combustion engines extends the life of engines, gives better performance and lower emission.

Micro-Separator centrifugal engine oil cleaners feature:

  • Removes harmful dirt from engine oil
  • Filtration to 5 μm and even below
  • No insert filter
  • Increased life of engine oil filter
  • Extended oil change intervals (up to double the normal interval)
  • Reduced oil and filter waste
  • Better engine performance, less wear and lower emission
  • Safeguarded against too low and too high pressure


  • It is used for treatment of oil for the all types of diesel and gasoline engines
  • Generator sets
  • Marine propulsion engines
  • Automotive
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Mining

The Micro-Separator MOC principle :

Oil enters the centrifuge from a line between engine oil pump and engine filter (T-Piece). Once this oil reaches a pressure of in between 2.5 and 6 bar, the internal valve opens and oil going through the nozzles of the centrifuge brings the rotor in motion (up to 6,000 rpm !).

centrifugal force "slings" the oil against the inner wall of the rotor where the dirt in the lubrication oil sticks to this inner wall and the clean oil drains straight back to the engine by gravity. The remains on the inner wall form a dense ‘mud’ like substance which can easily be removed at the next service interval.
Analysis after installing a Micro-Separator Oil Centrifuge show that this dirt contains quantities of insolubles, soot, viscosity and wear metals, which would have normally ended up in the engine and engine filter.

Micro-Separator Centrifugal Engine Oil Cleaners
Micro-Separator Centrifugal Engine Oil Cleaners