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ENWA Reverse Osmosis System

ENWA produces fresh water from sea water by reverse osmosis. ENWA’s desalination systems are designed and manufactured to purify water in normal industrial and household applications.


Combined Side-Stream Filtration and Water Treatment for the closed system like main engine cooling water circuit shall be provided by the installation of an EnwaMatic water conditioning unit. The EnwaMatic is a non chemical water treatment system that uses a side stream of a closed loop system, and filters the water through a granulated bed to restrict bacterial growth, inhibit corrosion and prevent scaling.

Enwa Bin-X

ENWA BIN-X is a patented cost-effective water treatment system used for removal of particles and bacteria such as Legionella and E-coli. With use of ultra filtration, ENWA BIN-X cleans potable- and drinking water.

The ENWA BIN-X system can be used in hospitals, sports facilities, offshore installations, residential- and commercial properties, schools, hotels, nursery homes, laboratories and industry where the requirements for bacteria-free water is high. The ENWA BIN-X works without using any chemicals and does not change the chemical composition of water. That is why, ENWA BIN-X is an ideal system for threatening drinking cold water and hot fresh water.

Enwa is a supplier of water treatment systems and a wide range of equipment for swimming pools and spas. Enwa has extensive experience as a contractor of public pools for schools, hotels and health care, as well as water parks and spa resorts.

Enwa is an EPC contractor of district heating and cooling systems.


ENWA Water Maker
EnwaMatic Maritime